Welcome to the Shark Shoppe

Welcome to an interactive website for St. Louis Middle School's very own Shark Shoppe! Originally created in 2005, the Shark Shoppe is a school store run entirely by students selling a variety of snacks, drinks, clothing, and Shark inspired accessories. The student workers gain valuable skills while working there and learn the fundamentals of starting their very own business. The store is a prime example of entrepreneurship because it is innovative and introduces students to new forms of organization, production methods, and how to interact with customers. Here you will find a full list of the items for sale, interviews with the students that work there, and a photo gallery complete with full color photos.

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Address: 312 Union Street

Saint Louis, MI 48880-1897

Location: Front school hallway, left of the office

Phone: (989) 681-5155

Hours: 7:40-7:54 AM

11:35-11:54 AM

2:54-3:10 PM